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Your Goals

"Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there."  

- Bo Jackson

The Results

“It’s not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it’s what you put into the practice.”


– Eric Lindros

NXTLevel Hockey Academy is the Midwest's Premier Hockey Training Center offering both on and off ice training. YOUR GOAL allows us to tailor fit OUR PROCESS to create THE RESULTS that DON'T LIE! Our personalized curriculums and programs offer the highest level of hockey training in the area for all levels of hockey players. The extensive experience our Coaching Staff brings to our program is insurmountable and is sure to push you to the pinnacle of your game. Training opportunities include group and private on ice training, skating technique and edge control, power skating, skate analysis and skating treadmill training, shooting and stick handling programs, dry land and weight training, nutritional consulting and meal planning for athletes and much more. Are you ready to move the NXTLevel?


For the 2024 season, NXT proudly offers the following:

  • NXTMites
  • NXTSquirts
  • NXTPeeWees
  • NXTBantams
  • NXTGirls 16U & UP
  • NXTGirls 10U-15U
  • NXTHigh School
  • NXTELite Programs
  • AND...Goalie Specific training available in each group!

Hey Goalies...did you know NXT is now offering on ice goalie training during all camp sessions? Goalie coaching will be provided by Nick Orris. During ice sessions, goalie training will focus on situational game play, proper angles, playing the puck, mental aspects of goal tending, edge work and hand-eye coordination. Goalies will also participate and benefit from weight training sessions in The Factory with NXTTrainers, as well as dry land activities for off-ice training. To register, click on your age group, scroll down, click 'Go to registration' and select 'Goalie' during the registration process.


NXT Level Training with Pro-Screen Shot Blocker

Director Christian Graham

NXTLevel Hockey Academy

Phone: 402-916-0131

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